Politics, Conflict and Nigeria’s Unending Crisis
Jev, Amos Asongo

Nigeria as a federal state has over the years being entangled in this web of political and social conflicts due to poor handling of the rich human and material resources that abounds within the nation state. The inability of the Nigerian state to address these issues has hampered socio-economic and political development. The country is entangled by the myriads of conflicts. Rather than bring the diverse groups together for meaningful development, Nigeria continue to divide along ethnic and religious lines with attendant consequences both in terms of human and material resources. Many have lost confidence in the politics of the state which is seen by many as promoting violence and other negative vices. This paper set out to examine the concept of politics and conflict with a view to unearthing their relationship. The paper uses the descriptive method of analysis. The findings are that politics co-exist with conflict and the unequal allocation of resources is central to conflict in a given political environment. The paper therefore recommend that individuals or groups be given an opportunity to accomplish the needs so as to enhance socio-economic wellbeing of the people and minimize conflict in Nigeria.

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