The Legacy of Colonialism and its Contribution to Conflicts in among Communities living in the Marsabit County of Kenya (1964 -2011)
Yattani Isacko Diba

African societies and the developing nations have been undergoing difficult times in terms of ethnic conflicts and antagonisms. The Northern part of Kenya is known for infamous attacks between communities since the pre-colonial times. These conflicts seem to be increasing range and magnitude. The study explores the causes of contributing of colonialism to the conflicts among communities of Marsabit County between 1960 and 2011. A descriptive survey design was used targeting community conflicts in Marsabit North Sub-County. Purposive sampling technique was employed in this study to get the location or district in which the units of observation had required characteristics, along with snowball sampling which is useful when the population that possess the characteristics under the study is not well known and therefore need to find subjects. Secondary information was obtained from books, journals and news papers. The study revealed that creation of colonial administrative boarders led to competition for scarce resources was a major cause of violent conflict between the communities living in Marsabit county of Kenya.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jgpc.v3n1a2