Priority Areas in United Nations Peace Building Fund (Survey and Critical Analysis)
Naveed Ul Haq; N.S. Cooray

For a decade an exclusive United Nations (UN) Peace building Architecture (PBA) has been at work. The United Nations established Peace building fund to meet the challenges of financing peace building activities in four priority areas. Authors argue that practically the Peace building fund bypasses the lasting approach by not accommodating conflict prevention in the first place. Though, researchers found that although the funds allocated to priority areas, provide a comprehensive vision for lasting peace at policy level, yet the projects are bound under programme limitations as current focus of PBA is in post-conflict rehabilitation. The authors highlight that UN however, can make use of PBF priority areas flexibility to help and cover fragile countries as well. In addition, author’s consensus is that the management of natural resources and environmental issue should be given appropriate importance due to their leverage.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jgpc.v4n1a1