Graphical Profiling: Knowledge through Prediction
Tiffany Crosby, William P. Fox

Predicting terrorist activities has proven somewhat difficult. For years law enforcement agencies having been using crime software in an attempt to improve their ability to stop and capture criminals. Our purpose in this research is to apply the crime software, CrimeStat, with terrorist data to determine if the software could help predict future actions. We used the data from the Abu Sayyaf group. We had data from 2001-2009 so we used the years 2001-2007 in the model and used this to try to predict their 2008 activities. The results showed some ability to help predict albeit low in percentages. We think any quantitative ability to assist decision makers in possible upcoming events is better than no prediction ability.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jgpc.v5n1a2