I Am Not a Terrorist: Racial Profiling In a Post-9/11 World
Elijah Nielson

Post-9/11 racial and religious profiling against Muslim-Americans, particularly those of Arab-descent, remains a significant social problem in the United States. Profiling to combat ―terrorists‖ has public support and is continually used by government actors to violate the civil rights of Muslim-Americans of Arab descent and those ―mis-targeted‖ as Arab and/or Muslim. This auto ethnographic case study outlines the author‘s experience of repeatedly being mis-targeted as an Arab and/or Muslim-American and is informed by the intersectionality principle of feminist and critical race theories. The author‘s experiences are juxtaposed with research documenting the experiences of Muslim-Americans of Arab-descent and implications for practice are discussed.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jgpc.v5n2a2