‘‘Challenges to Achieving Sustainable Peace in Democratic Republic of Congo’’: A Case Study of North Kivu Province.
Kizaliwa Irumbo

The article focuses on „„challenges to achieving sustainable peace in Democratic Republic of Congo‟‟: A Case study of North Kivu Province. It intended to explore factors affecting peace building process in order to ensure sustainable peace in DRC at personal level. Qualitative research indicates that there is peace in DRC but not what DRC people were expected to. People are experiencing negative peace. Quantitative data has yet been collected from individuals interested in peace building process. In this study, challenges to achieving sustainable peace in DRC are explored using survey data collected from 384 respondents including North Kivu local population, civil society activists and political leaders The results indicate that 71.11% of respondents realized that key challenges to achieving sustainable peace in DRC at personal level include social exclusion, misappropriation of national resources, partiality and negligence of culture in conflict resolution among others. 72.32% of respondents found out that the aforementioned factors resulted into murder and traumatisms, corruption, poverty, unemployment of DRC people and less understanding of the population culture. To handle the situation, 90.625% proposed the following actions: humanitarian assistances and sensitization which may result into healed persons and individual active participation in peace building process.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jgpc.v7n1a1