The Issue of Oil and Disputed Areas in the Conflicts between Sudan and South Sudan
Bithou M. Mayik, Erneo B. Ochi

Utilization of oil resources and peaceful coexistence among communities bordering sisterly countries are imperative for sustainable development. The issue of oil and disputed areas in the conflicts between Sudan and South Sudan remain unabated. This paper sheds light on the causes, the socio-economic and political implications, and the possible strategies to resolve the conflicts over oil and borders between the two Sudans. Theories of social conflict, the cooperative, human needs as well as the conflict transformation and relevant literature were consulted. The major causes and implications of such conflicts in post-independent South Sudan were discussed. The paper reveals the consequential massive displacement of local inhabitants and loss of lives, reduced oil revenues, augmented political upheavals, and armed rebellions in the two Sudans. Seemingly, negotiations and litigations are some key strategies to resolve such devastating conflicts. The setting up of truths, political and reconciliation commission is highly needed to cease hostilities and resolve conflicts for sustainable socio-economic development of South Sudan and Sudan.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jgpc.v8n2a2