Sports in Advancing Diplomacy in Kenya
Benjamin Mutuku Kinyili, Shazia Chaudhry

Sports diplomacy has achieved great strides in achieving international, regional and local unity, but little is still known about its influence in developing countries. This research examines the means of incorporating sports in diplomacy in Kenya. The study adopted exploratory research design. The primary data were obtained through structured questionnaire and analyzed through frequency distribution, and thematic analysis. Sporting events in athletics and volleyball improved diplomacy and restored peace in several areas of Kenya. Peace was promoted through sports by respecting human rights, rule of law, and equality among the conflicting groups. Sports also enhanced unity, trust, loyalty, friendship and team building among the conflicting communities. This study recommends that sports should be used to enhance diplomacy since it is less used in this field. Further, the government is also encouraged to appoint more sports ambassadors with proper diplomacy knowledge to help in diplomatic relationships. The role of academicians in sports diplomacy was found to be minimal where academicians should be at the forefront as the 21st century diplomats be incorporated into sports to be local ambassadors. Further studies are required in Kenya‟s on sports diplomacy and foreign policy on areas such as multilateralism and digital diplomacy.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jgpc.v9n2a1